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No Brand Ikeda Anba (Nagaoka) 4X5 Ultralight field camera with 75mm and 150mm lenses

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Ikeda Anba (Nagaoka) 4X5 Ultralight field camera with 75mm and 150mm lenses






The Ikeda/Anba (Nagaoka style) 4X5 camera is one of the lightest and smallest field cameras ever made, at 2.6LB (1.15KG) this camera is the ideal tool for hikers and backpackers. It is very compact and folds down into a very small package.

Along with a nice set of lenses this is a great outdoors 4X5 field camera kit, there is not much this camera cannot do in the field or studio. This later model Nagaoka has a retro moving rear standard, adjustable position front standard (which allows for up to 15 degree front swing) and more.


Ikeda/Anba 4X5 camera

Schneider Super angulon 75mm F8 

Schneider Symmar S 150mm F5.6

Free cable release

3 tested film holders

Glass is clean, shutters fire nicely on all speeds.


Bellows is tested light tight.

Brand new KB Canham ground glass installed

All camera functions are tested and working as they should.

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