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ADOX Adofile 120-negatiivilehti 4 x 3 ruutua (6x6 ja 6x7) 10 kpl, kirkas

sis. ALV 24%
Kirkas säilytystasku keskiformaatin filmille.
ADOFILE Polypropylee Negative Pages 
Clear pages for archiving, viewing, and contact printing.

ADOFILE Negative file pages are made of high-grade polypropylene. The 6x7/6x9 variety is somewhat narrower than the 6x6 version, so that all sizes of medium format negatives fit inside.

The pages fit in both 3 ring an 4 ring binders. Both ends of the negative sleeves are open, allowing for air exchange. The polypropylene is absolutely chemically neutral and archive-safe.

Polypropylene files are more stable than those made from acetate and thus easier to load.
The slight difference in thickness leads to a theoretical lower resolution of a contact print through the file though (compared to the thinner acetate sleeves).
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