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Canon EOS 50E


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Canon EOS 50E

Silmäohjausversio EOS 50 rungosta. Kokeneemman harrastajan EOS-filmirunko täynnä monipuolisia ominaisuuksia.

  • Six-segment TTL metering
  • Programme mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Fully Manual, Fully Automatic and scene modes
  • Camera shake warning
  • ISO 6 to 6400 (25 to 5000 for DX-coded films)
  • +/- 2 stops exposure compensation
  • Motorised film transport, single shot/multi shot + bracketing
  • Three auto focus modes and manual focus
  • 30sec to 1/4000sec shutter speed
  • Electronic self timer
  • Front and rear control dials
  • Built-in flash
  • Top panel LCD information screen
  • Additional control functions on back panel

Following the EOS 5, this is the second AF SLR camera featuring Eye Controlled Focus. The EOS 55’s Eye Controlled Focus is twice as fast as the EOS 5’s. Also, the Eye Control BASIS AF sensor enables Eye Controlled Focus even during vertical shooting. The new AF sensor also enables focus tracking with your eye while you press the shutter button halfway or during continuous shooting. The camera controls include a Command Dial (well received on other EOS cameras), LCD panel, a new AF mode dial on the camera’s right shoulder, a metering mode lever, and a film advance mode lever. This two-dial and two-lever system makes camera operation quick and easy. The exterior finish incorporates high-quality aluminum.

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