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Cinestill Developer & Fix DF96 Monobath mustavalkokehite 1L

sis. ALV 24%
Yksikylpykehite kaikille mustavlkofilmeille. Lisätietoa: https://cinestillfilm.com/products/df96-developer-fix-b-w-monobath-single-step-solution-for-processing-at-home FOR SIMPLIFIED B&W PROCESSING AT ANY ROOM TEMPERATURE. 68-82°F (20-28°C) Processes: 16+ rolls of B&W film with just one chemical. The worries of too much development, dilution, time or agitation are gone. Stop bath? Fixer? Hardener? Gone the way of One-Hour-Photos and formaldehyde. Meet the labtender’s best friend, served neat. It may be clear and odorless but please do not drink it. Processing all of your B&W film at home is easier than ever with this 1 simple ready-to-use solution. This magical and versatile Single-Step BW “Developer-Fix” monobath solution, akin to D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals, is perfect for processing CineStill BwXX along with any other black & white film. No special charts, timers or apps needed! Just a processing tank and rinse water. Foolproof self-completing process that guarantees high-resolution, fine grain, a long density scale, and uniform development latitude.
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