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Nikon FE


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9/2021 Serviced. Shutter cocking mechanics cleaned and lubricated. Shutter magnet cleaned. Shutter speeds checked and adjusted. AE and meter checked and adjusted. Replaced old light seals and mirror bumper. New viewfinder ocular installed.

Comes with body cap.

6 month guarantee exclusively for this item!

This item includes a Kamerastore guarantee that we will provide repair or replacement should any new mechanical faults develop from standard use durign the first 6 months of ownership.

Nikon FE

The FE was the replacement for Nikon EL2. Nikon FE allowed interchangeable focusing screens and has a multi exposure feature. The camera has an electronically controlled focal plane shutter and is capable of auto exposure. Exposure can be compensated by +/- 2 stops.

  • Shutter speeds: 8 - 1/1000s, B and M90.
  • ISO range: 12 - 3200.
  • Flash synchronization: 1/125s.

Suitable battery: LR44 1.5V / SR44 1.5V

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