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Request an offer for your used camera gear from Kamerastore.

Do you have unnecessary cameras, lenses or other photo equipment left over from a job or hobby? Is the thousand-piece film camera collection in your grandfather's closet getting in the way? Don't worry – Kamerastore will buy them from you with cash.

We will present a non-binding written offer a few days after you submit an offer request. In the offer we will specify both an exchange price for any products of your choice, as well as a straightforward cash price. If you are satisfied with our offer you can deliver the products to us and we will transfer the money straight into your bank account.

NOTE! Our regular offer request form is currently inactive. Please send us an email following the instructions below.


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Send us an email with more details.

Kamerastore buys over 10,000 cameras a year from over 1,000 customers. We have specialized in providing a hassle-free experince for anyone looking to sell their gear. We can manage large collections easily, even with arranged pickup. Send us an email to with a list of what you have, preferably with the following information for each item.



Optical condition, Mechanical condition, Cosmetic condition

Other notes

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Product information

Describe the product as accurately as possible.

The better the information you provide, the more accurate an offer we can make. Take your time filling the form one product at a time and don't hesitate to contact us if you get stuck.

The brand is the product’s manufacturer, whose name can usually be found on the front of the camera or lens.
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Camera bodies usually state their model on the front. For lenses you can enter all the text written around the front lens.
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