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CatLABS of JP Darkroom Resources and Service

Supplying all your darkroom equipment needs, stocking a full line of Jobo processors, drums and reels, as well as parts and service for all Jobo machines.

CatLABS is a specialty outlet for large format and darkroom gear. We service, refurbish and sell large format equipment: cameras, lenses, holders, light meters and all related accessories.

We also service and sell Jobo and other darkroom and film processing equipment. Contact us with any questions regarding the newly announced Jobo CPP3 Film and Print Processor!

CatLABS of JP is committed to the environment. We recycle: We try to use only previously used packing materials that come from our suppliers. When that is not possible, we use only cradle-to-cradle–certified boxes, sourced locally whenever possible. We produce less waste: other than the shipping labels we print, our business is a totally paper-free operation (on and off e-Bay). We shred all of our waste paper and use the shreds as packing material.

Our goal is to reduce the impact our business has on the earth’s natural resources as part of a responsible and sustainable business model.

CatLABS is also the publisher and distributor of Papersafe, a biannual publication that is dedicated to analog photography and relevant discourse.

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  • Phone: 617-971-8695 (USA)
  • 120 Brookside Avenue
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  • USA